Scolton Manor Classic Car Rally

Today I had a great day out with my brother in law to the car rally made complete by a poodle loving life on a roller frame because it had a spinal problem. Finished off at a view point called Pwll Deri where a child had set up a stall for Cancer Research Wales. Couldn’t make that up – it was miles from anywhere. But I bought a little gecko. 

Brilliant day. Loved the Triumphs, especially the Spitfires (naturally).


At the end of a long and stressful three weeks I was driving home via St.Davids and when I got to Newgale I pulled over just to have five minutes reflection and to look out at the view. Two of my colleagues were still in the frame for redundancy and I felt really bad for them even though I was ‘no longer affected by the current situation’.

Looking out to sea reminded me fondly of my ten years in the Royal Navy and how blessed I still am that I live on the coast. I’ve always found the sea very calming in my life, the waves and the sounds were always very comforting as I slipped off to sleep in my bunk as I trawled the seven seas. Reading that back it sounds a little romanticised but I’m delighted to reaffirm that that is actually how it was 🙂

It may still take me some time to get over the shock of being in a situation of at risk of redundancy because it isn’t something I’ve ever experienced before thankfully. Perhaps for now though I’m thankful to have avoided the axe and, as always will embrace the life I’ve been blessed with; not do that is almost insulting to those who are unable to.


Scolton Manor Play Day

 It’s been a bit of a week this week, most of it seems to have been entertaining the kids which has been great; it’s taken me back to my days as a children’s worker and been a real tonic. Feel 10 years younger 🙂 

Today I supported colleagues from the Language and Play department with their Play Day at Scolton Manor in Pembrokeshire and basically gave them a whole day sing song peppered with lunch, water and sand play and a bug hunt. I went prepared (check out the wellies) but fortunately the rain held off and we all had a fabulous day. The photos here are published with parental consent.

Sometimes even a writer is lost for words

For about a year before I retired I’d been mooting the idea of treating myself to an old classic convertible. I had one years ago (An Emerald Green Triumph Spitfire which I loved but traded in for a caravette when our then dog Bodie became poorly which I used to take him on a last holiday to the Lake District).

Today my fab son in law Dan took me into an old barn on some excuse and said ‘Happy (early) 60th birthday’ pointing at something. It appears he and my lovely daughter Benita had bought me this Rover convertible in British Racing Green and he had spent months stripping it down and restoring it.

With the engine running and John Lennon coming through the sound system I was left speechless. I’m totally humbled but very very proud to have such a loving, thoughtful and generous family; although Dan still needs to finish off the car (put the seats back in) he had no option but to show me the car today as he has to move it out of the barn as the farmer needs the storage space. After the past few weeks I’ve had the surprise was a wonderful tonic; thank you so much Dan And Beats. X x love daddy x x



Time with my family…

IMG_20140727_142520 IMG_20140727_143825 IMG_20140727_121306 IMG_20140727_143704

My lovely daughter Benita and her hubby Dan are with us for the weekend (up from Wales) with the kids as they travel north to go camping for a couple of weeks in the Whitby area. The nicest thing about our impending move to Wales is that we will get to see them all on a more regular basis.

Flying visit to Pembrokeshire…








A few snaps from our trip to Wales showing some views of a house we really liked. Also the darker landscape photo is one I took of Cardigan Bay from Gwbert where we went out for a meal; the lighter landscape with the lighthouse is the view from my daughters house on Strumble Head. No collection would be complete without my main man Mowgli sitting on the back of Carols legs; check out his new slim line figure!

While in Wales I went down to Pembroke to do necessary paperwork related to my new job and all is well so far 🙂

The boy is moving on…


Today I had the call to formally offer me my new job and I formally accepted and so I’m very excited.

Plant Dewi is the Diocese of St David’s very own Children’s Project, where families matter. They believe in strengthening families, nurturing children and building communities. Their projects are available to help parents, children and young people to receive the local support they need and they work throughout South West Wales in the counties of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. I’ve put a link to their website if you’d like to have a look.

My role is Project Worker working partly with the Dadventure programme delivering Parenting Support Programmes to Dad’s of all kinds (foster Dads, single Dad’d, expectant Dads…) and partly with families who have children 0-4 years old.

Hopefully after relevant DBS checks and references I will be moving to Wales sometime in August to start my new job in September so between now and then I’m going to be a bit of a busy bunny. I’ll miss the crew I work with in Nottinghamshire but hopefully we’ll all keep in touch somehow. Meanwhile…Jai Ho!!

Interview over…

So I sat my two hour interview in Carmarthen which I thought went really well. The panel loved my presentation which was a great start to going into the formal questioning because it put me at ease. From their feedback I answered all the questions very thoroughly during which I brought in many experiences I have had professionally and through life. As might be expected (with me) there were elements of humour which went down well (thankfully).

I won’t know their decision until 13 June and so my fate is now in the lap of the gods; if I’ve been successful It looks like a September start. Naturally whichever way the wind blows I’ll let you (my fabulous readers and supporters) know straight away. Meanwhile I’m having a couple of days relaxing in Pembrokeshire before driving home Sunday. Im really exhausted after recent events of the last few weeks and drained from the last few days. A walk on the beach tomorrow me thinks. Blessings all x Alan