Touching base

After a mind numbing week of study I have a need to get back to normality. Wandering around the house lifts me because it just swarms with things that give me peace in my life. They’re the kind of things that money can’t buy, the things that root you to who you are; in my case who I am and what life has made me.

By far poppies are my favourite flower not just because of their connection with lost comrades but because behind their beauty and fragility they have enormous strength.

My first experience of Buddhism came in 1974 when I was serving in Thailand although it wasn’t until 1995 following a near death experience that I became a dedicated follower.

Since having problems with arthritis in my arms my old friend Grace sits patiently in her case at the top of the stairs waiting for the day when I open it again and say good morning. Meanwhile I always tap on her box to say goodnight.

Welcome to my world 🙂




My wild flower garden

It’s been a gorgeously warm day today and since I had finished my studies I decided to spend it in the garden with Mowgli. A few days ago I began creating this wild flower garden for the little creatures, you know the butterflies and bees, and today I threw a pile of poppy seeds all over it. I thought they could keep the daisies and dandilions company. The rest of my day was spent in a deck chair watching and waiting to see my first poppy. It hasn’t arrived yet but as a past time I would highly recommend it 🙂