The sun sees your body, the moon sees your soul


I’ve never been fond of February, it has a tendency of leaving me flattened; oddly though – probably a survival instinct – my mind flies into some sort of creative kaleidoscope which can be very irritating. Irritating because sooner or later I find I have to sit down and record my thoughts either through a drawing or a piece of writing because with me they just won’t go away. That’s not to say that what I draw or write will be for public consumption; dozens of books of my little creations are still tucked away (for my eyes only) having served their purpose as cathartic therapy.

Recently some things have been particularly emotionally draining and as would be expected I’ve gone and found my (metaphorically speaking) best friend – my pencil. As I sat pondering what to draw I remembered something I once read ‘The sun sees your body, the moon sees your soul’.

I may be gone for some time…..

Music isn’t science, it’s art

Been a while since I picked up my guitar, mainly because of other commitments at home, my studying and a painting commission; but maybe over the weekend I might get an hour with her.

One of the songs I always sing for myself is one by John Denver called ‘This old guitar’, because to me my guitar isn’t just an instrument she’s my friend. The lyrics of the song are so poignant and beautiful (This old guitar gave me my life my living….) that I’ve never sung it in public because I feel it to be a private moment between me and a friend. If I’m not around on Sunday you know where I’ll be.