Sometimes I love my own company…

Having had a few days off I’ve absolutely loved having time in the garden clearing away the winter dead leaves, mowing the lawns and generally enjoying the tranquility. It’s a paradox that I spend much of my life in public (either with my art or my music or even with my daytime work with children) and yet the times I really cherish is being at home out of the way. Living where we do, miles away from anywhere, I thought I’d share a little of my paradise with you all. X





Halcyon childhood days

Sometimes when we look back on our childhood we have a tendency to remember only the negative things like perhaps being bullied in school. Just once in a while I like to take myself back to some of my favourite moments like those long hot summer holidays we used to have; six weeks off school and all the time in the world. In my day there wasn’t things like Internet or iPads to keep me stuck in the house in fact there wasn’t much of anything. But what there was was the great outdoors and your imagination. I would go out on a warm day, find a meadow, find a tree then lie back and feel the sun on my skin. Occasionally I would open one eye, look up into the sky and see a pirate galleon in the clouds, or the pyramids of Egypt and without a doubt I was there. Halcyon days.