Gibraltar’s Bee Hotel.

Recently on my trip to #Gibraltar I came across this delightful children’s garden complete with a Bee Hotel in Alameda Botanical Gardens. It’s inspired me to do something similar here in UK with the children and parents I work with.

Since coming back from Gibraltar readers will know I’ve opened a new website to record my memoirs of the Rock which can be seen at (There is a link here on my primary website). I hve many hundreds of photos and select a few daily to compliment my blog there which spans the period 1974-2016. 

Building my patio…

At the bottom of my garden is a piece of land that always gets the evening sunshine till quite late on which last year was a veggie patch. My next door neighbour is a builder (and a lovely bloke) who gave me a load of slabs so I decided to build a small seating area instead of having a veggie patch so the past three days have been quite strenuous – both me and Mowgli needed a chillax afterwards but I’m really happy with my patio and so it was worth the effort ๐Ÿ™‚ 

A quiet little corner of the world I call my own.

There’s something very peaceful about sitting out in the courtyard. One of the only sounds I hear are the bees busily buzzing around the flowers; the fact the courtyard is a sun trap only makes sitting out even more pleasurable. I’m finding it’s a great place to think and reflect on things because when I’m snoozing with my eyes closed on the blue palette bed I could be anywhere. The old bones are very much in favour of this quiet little corner of the world I can call my own.

Loving the view

  After months of looking out at either a building site or a half done garden it really is a delight to sit and look out from the bedroom window now. I’ve finally managed to turf the garden and it’s brought together the lovely rockery, apple tree, borders and flowers. 

At the top of the garden near the house (in the foreground of the photo) is a Mediterranean courtyard complete with home made sun bed and coffee table made from old pallets. The fence down the right hand side was also made from old pallets which I think will be how the left hand fence will be replaced. 

The stone wall down the left hand side of the photo has alpine plants between the stones and herbs in planters along the top. Sitting in front of the wall is the old garden bench I found and restored with junk timber.
Underneath the apple tree is a new rockery made from spare stones which used to border the path; it took some doing but I managed to belt them out of their concrete foundation with a slug hammer. At the bottom of the garden behind the raffia fence is a vegetable patch with corn on the cob, green beans, melons, raspberries and more; the new potatoes have already been harvested. Right at the bottom of the garden is the greenhouse I was given by the lady next door (as they’re selling their house) which is full of tomatoes and a grape vine.

I’m loving the view. 

The last big #garden job is almost doneย 

Quite a heavy day digging and getting rid of roots and rubble as I prepare the ground for new grass turf. Once again I was able to recycle some of the rocks into a rockery garden under the apple tree which is already starting to look the business. As the photo shows I still have the old grass to remove but hopefully I’ll have the whole ground sorted in time for when I go to collect my grass turf on Friday; that is going to be one major transformation band I can’t wait.

This could be a good week

Ever since moving into my new house in January I’ve been meaning to get round to digging up an unsightly concrete path/patio but have never had either the energy or the machinery. My next door neighbour Gareth is a builder and he knew I wanted the path dug up and some nice grass laid. This morning there was a knock on the door and there’s Gareth with one of those jigger-picks. BOOM!! An hour later it’s all smashed up and ready to get dumped. Fantastic!! Mind you after taking about ten wheelbarrow loads I’m already pole axed so I’m now having a break but no prizes for guessing what my Saturday afternoon has in store. Gonna be a busy day because I’ve also finally managed to get a plumber and an electrician to fit my shower; this could be a good week.

Time with my family…

IMG_20140727_142520 IMG_20140727_143825 IMG_20140727_121306 IMG_20140727_143704

My lovely daughter Benita and her hubby Dan are with us for the weekend (up from Wales) with the kids as they travel north to go camping for a couple of weeks in the Whitby area. The nicest thing about our impending move to Wales is that we will get to see them all on a more regular basis.