11. 1995 #ART – JOURNEYS END.

My last solo art exhibition…

 By 1989 I had become alcohol dependent as a result of carrying emotional baggage and unfinished business around for so long. For the next six years I underwent a period of intense therapy and reflection with the support of a professional counsellor who encouraged me to use my art skills to address past pains.

Facing my nemesis began with sketches and poems on bits of paper (see Private Journey and Journeyman) and culminated with eleven paintings and eleven songs which made up my final art exhibition Journeys End. Unfortunately the painting ‘Journeys End’ is not available to include on this page yet and so I have included the original sketch for now.

I gave a private performance of the songs for family and very close friends at the opening of the exhibition in Mansfield Art Gallery before the exhibition moved on to County Hall in Nottingham; years later I eventually got round to publishing the book. Although my performance was recorded I insisted on only one copy being made which I have stored away; I watched it once to check it but have never played it since because I find it too emotive. 

After Journeys End I never exhibited art again and it’s very rare that I draw or paint now.

Photo of my daughters at my Journeys End exhibition with ‘their’ painting in the background:

Journeys End logo:

Me putting the final touches to the exhibition before going public:



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