Journeys End 1995

I’ve finally uploaded the song texts and paintings to my final autobiographical exhibition ‘Journeys End’ here on my website (it’s on it’s own page). The exhibition was held in 1995 after which I didn’t exhibit again; I no longer draw or paint any more for public consumption. At some point I will upload the audio recordings of the songs. 

The child within the adult within the child


As a child I remember the Jungle Book animated movie coming out and absolutely loved it. Years later it was showing at a nearby cinema and I took my three children to see it. One of their strongest memories of childhood was their embarrassment at me laughing out loud at Baloo the bear scratching his back with a tree during the Bear Necessities song – I just couldn’t help myself; even today if the film is mentioned that is the memory they all relay.

My little granddaughter Rhiannon (age 7) went to a car boot market with her parents today and saw this LP vinyl record. She knew the Jungle Book is my favourite ever movie and insisted on haggling with the seller until she bought it as a present for me. I’m thrilled. And even though there’s something very ‘role reversal’ about my granddaughter acknowledging one of my childhood loves I don’t care; in fact it’s quite one of the most touching things I’ve ever experienced.

My Art is on Twitter @AlanDDixon (Spailpinfanac)

With retirement looming it’s been really nice to have quite a lot of interest in my artwork (from around the world); having been a freelance artist for about 35 years I’ve always known I would never starve as long as I can use a pencil. Although I’m hoping (at some point) to upload all of my artwork here on my website much of my new art (for now) goes directly onto my Twitter account because of the ‘Arty’ connections on there. If you’re one of my Arty-type readers and want to see  new art as it happens please feel free to join me on Twitter @AlanDDixon (or just type in Spailpinfanac into the Twitter browser). Meanwhile here’s a few pix to brighten your day xcollage1 collage2 collage3

Rebel Days 1997. Challenging the UK Government on cutbacks

Back in 1997 I found myself in the Houses of Parliament lobbying against cut backs in services to vulnerable people. Today while digging through my old artwork I found this drawing Which I did at that time. The picture shows me singing rebel songs at MPs, some of who listened and some of who didn’t. Looking again at the picture I realised I had drawn myself in two guises, one as a rebel and the other as someone about to be shot, hence the blindfold and the hands behind the back; and that’s just how I felt at that time.

The original #workingclasshero Love to John Lennon

I was a massive fan of Lennon the rebel when he was alive and my admiration has never waned since his death 33 years ago today. For me his murder was profoundly shocking as it was for millions of people around the world; it was never something I ever got over.

Occasionally on a Sunday I put on my old vinyl LP’s (as we called them) and just dwell in the moment. From Imagine to Double Fantasy it’s taken me years to collect all of his solo albums and my collection is by far my most treasured possession. For those who may be too young to know about John Lennon he was the original Working Class Hero; in Britain he was adored for his music, his wit, his writings and his drawings and in the world at large (despite his rebel status) he was a man of peace. His song Give Peace a Chance effectively stopped the Vietnam War.

Today I send my love to John and say thank you for being there for me during my wayward teenage years, my twenties, my thirties, my forties and my fifties, and if the Lord graces me with another decade of life you will as always be a major part of it x