Every great change is preceded by chaos (Deepak Chopra)

As I prepare to move from Wales to my hometown Newcastle I find myself in the middle of a multitude of transitions all with very heavy issues demanding of my mental resources. Selling a house, buying a house, preparing to resign a job I love while applying for a similar one in the north east my main aim is staying focused while trying to find the time to stay cool and carry on. Even positive change has its challenges and on a daily basis I find myself addressing these while working at keeping something of a normal life rolling.

Since 1974 I’ve followed a Buddhist path in life and in times like this I find it very comforting. Having worked full time non-stop since 1971 I’ve also been acutely aware that the world does not owe me a living and if I want something in life there is often no gain without pain.

Having said that I am a very positive man and often take great comfort from the simple quotes given to us all by the greatest of thinkers. This quote from Deepak Chopra has always resonated with me and no less so than at this moment in my life.


Family Sunday Lunch

Tomorrow I return to Wales after a lovely long weekend in Geordieland but not before enjoying a Sunday lunch with my family in Gateshead.

Left to right is Carol, daughter Tracey, me, niece Mia, Mia’s boyfriend John, Granddaughter Katie and her fiancĂ© Luke.

The weekend has been a whirlwind in terms of buying a house and touching base in so many familiar places in the North East and though I’m physically tired I feel very much mentally rested and loved. #blessed

Snowdonia Nature Park

Yesterday I drove up from Wales to geordieland to view the new bungalow. It was a dreadful journey of nearly twelve hours in the fog, the rain and traffic though periodically I pulled over for a break.

On one such rest I spotted this lovely sculpture which I thought I’d like to share. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to checking out the new des res this afternoon and hopefully will get some good photos:)

New house, new job and a holiday in Gibraltar

The past few months have been very draining and emotionally challenging but I’m finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This part of my website has been neglected for sometime over the past couple of years partly through me changing jobs, studying with the open university and now planning to leave Wales and return to my hometown of Newcastle. Of course along with the practical side of selling a house buying another and physically moving I’ve also been applying for jobs in the north east.

At 63 I only have 2.5 years of work left in me before the old age pension comes along but I’ve always been one to finish whatever I started and I’ve never been unemployed since 1971. Currently I’ve applied for several jobs but I thought I’d let you know about one in particular that I have a keen interest in.

If you have read my chapter ‘Memoirs of a Child in Care’ here on my website you’ll know I was born at Dilston Hall in Corbridge, Northumberland. Well some years ago when writing that memoir I revisited the place and it was then the headquarters of mencap. It’s diverse history includes it once being a workhouse but in the 1950s it was a temporary maternity hospital on loan from the Earl of Derwent hence it being my birthplace. Today it is an Academy for young people with learning disabilities owned by Cambian Children and I have an interview there next Friday 20 September 2018 at 10am so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Once the house move and job move is over I am looking forward to a long holiday in Gibraltar next June and heaven knows I’m ready for that. I look forward to seeing old friends, meeting new friends and walking familiar back streets while also having the time to feel that lovely warm Mediterranean sun on my back as I climb our beautiful rock. With that in my head I can cope with the stress and will sleep very soundly tonight.