Dads and daughters

Happy Fathers Day to Dads all over the world. My love and thoughts to my own Dad Charles Henry Morpeth who although is not with me anymore is still very much part of me x x

And as a Father of daughters for over forty years I say to you all it has been a privilege and still is that you have shown me love and respect and continue to do so; its among my greatest blessings, thank you x
We’ve all shared each others ups and downs over the years, we still do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You truly bless my days x x Daddy x x


Belated birthday presents from colleagues

After being off sick for a couple of weeks I had a lovely surprise birthday parcel from colleagues when I returned to work which turned out to be a scented garden candle and a thermal mug for when I have coffee in the garden. I hadn’t realized how well they knew me – unless they’ve been having a sneaky look at my website here and realized I love sitting in the garden. They’re such a great bunch they’re welcome here anytime x Thanks guys x

Birthday Boy


So on my last day in Geordieland I’ve hit 59 although I think my mind still thinks I’m a lot younger than that. It sounds quite old but oddly I don’t feel old; must be because I work with kids and have a lot of little people in my life. The jury has always been out as to whether my birthdate was the 4th or 5th May but I do like celebrating on the 4th. There’s something wonderfully cheesy about:
“May the fourth be with you”.
Love and blessings to all my readers and visitors who take the time to call in on my website xx Alan cx

Happy Birthday to M’Lady Ms Grace


A good friend of mine who works with me on our charity Xanders Children’s Fund (Katy) is also a very talented cake maker – she has a website called katyscupcakes. A few weeks ago I asked her if she would make me a cake to celebrate my lady’s birthday (which is today) and this gorgeous work of art was the result (a heavy fruit cake within). Thank you Katy x

And Happy Birthday Ms Grace x

A soul-less place with no connection


Today I went back to the gardens of remembrance at the crematorium to pay respects to my foster Mam Katie who passed away 40 years ago today. I’d made the trip many times before in order to see the book open with her name on the page but today was different. For some reason, maybe because it was raining I’m not sure, as I walked round the gardens I felt them to be totally soul-less and I felt no connection with my mother at all. Even looking at the book with her name in left me spiritually indifferent. I won’t go back. The fact I am sharply aware of my mothers birth date and passing date is enough for me to know she is always in my heart and I get more comfort on those days from my own reflections and private prayer.

Boy from Stonehaugh

One of my readers (Parker) who lives in the first house I ever lived in – in the tiny village of Stonehaugh – tells me that the 60th anniversary of the village is to be held on Saturday 31 May 2014. Will I be there? Of course; and with many members of my family from three generations. And hopefully I’ll meet some of the many Stonehaugh-ers who have called in here at my website. It would be great to put faces to virtual friends.