Art Back Catalogue

Over the years I guess I’ve published dozens of books, some commissioned and some personal. As I’m still fighting my way through my back catalogue the little gems seem to keep turning up. As I go through my artwork I’ll be making new pages on my website to upload and showcase what I think may still be relevant or interesting to people. There may be an illustration you can alter in some way to suit something you’re doing and I don’t mind if my art is recycled, please feel free. I’ve already uploaded the illustrations from the red book in this photo onto a page called Community Development Art though as you can see I still have a way to go. There’s a couple of suitcases full of art that I daren’t even look at yet. Meanwhile, to all you Arty sorts…have a great day x

A wandering star…

I’ve just uploaded another ten (JL) cartoon strips -110 so far – for those folks who have been following the antics of my little tramp; you can find them on his page. Tomorrow I’m uploading the final ten in this series so if you want to see his finale watch out for those if you’re a fan.

If you haven’t met JL and his friends yet and would like to – just click the link or go to his page here on my website.

Helping the homeless…a new job for J.L.?

I’ve been aware since tidying up and republishing old artwork that a couple of commissions may be on the horizon but was delighted today when a potential customer suggested that my character J.L. may have a future in work related to helping the homeless; what a lovely use and a brilliant cause. I haven’t actually drawn my little character for over twenty years but for something like that it would be a pleasure to give him a rebirth. Mind you things have changed in the past twenty years with mobiles, wifi and the like. I guess my challenge might be making him contemporary and relevant but then I’ve never not been up for a challenge. We’ll see 🙂

Sometimes I just don’t feel like breakfast….

Back in the eighties I was a freelance artist producing cartoon strips and topical artwork for the press. One of my creations was this little guy who’s adventures entertained the better-off for about three years.

J.L. , a happy-go-lucky little vagrant has a quick yet dry wit, particularly about the situation his life has left him in, and lives in a trash bin up a back alley along with a few other less fortunates.

Rummaging through my humongous art back-catalogue I found about two hundred of the original strips and have decided to digitalise them. Some of them need a serious clean up but hopefully I can rescue as many as possible; if not I will re-draw them if they still make me laugh.

In due course I’ll put a new page up here on my website and alert regular readers who enjoy the cartoon stories