In the Autumn of my years….

Along life’s road I can’t deny I’ve been deeply hurt by people I trusted and like anyone I have regrets. It takes real strength to overcome some of the most painful things in life and more often than not, years. Sadly some things can never be excorsised and so we have to learn to live with some pains and manage them as best we can.

Thankfully in life there is balance and things come along to feed and nurture our souls. When my daughter’s daughter gave birth to her daughter I almost felt reborn. When I hold her and look at her I see a beautiful pure little being who I am so blessed to have in my life, in the autumn of my years. X 

A day out with my daughter. I am a man blessed.

Recently I’ve been writing memoirs and reflections about my life forty years ago and one of the things that occurred to me was how much I missed being a young daddy. As I write my daily blog (see ) I sometimes wonder where the past forty years went but take heart and comfort (in my Autumn years) from the closeness I still have with my children. Today I spent a magical day out with my eldest daughter who very much shares my sense of humour and it’s been totally lovely.

Forty years ago I adored my child……….

Forty years later no change, I still adore my child.

I am a man blessed X 

Maternal and Infant Mental Health Training MIMH

Training day today in Maternal and Infant Mental Health. An excellent course looking at a really potentially difficult subject but a reminder of the importance of child development during the first three years, the perinatal issues faces by mums and post natal depression experienced by 10% of dads! A lot of information over a one day training course but then an invaluable awareness for professionals working with families.

Cooking with the little people

It’s been a really busy week this week especially with it being half term. Over two days I’ve had two groups with a total of I think 26 children under-4 and 16 parents. Activities have included biscuit making, sing-alongs, making fruit kebabs and smoothies and painting and drawing.

Naturally there was loads of mess (which I love to see because at home it’s not that easy to be as chilled) but in fairness the children have loved the activities. The parents too had a fabulous time and the magical thing has been seeing them to do things together. Sorry I can’t put pictures of the children online but trust me they had a ball 🙂

I’m quite tired now and hoping for a really early night tonight; what has probably contributed to that was my trips out to Llanelli and Carmarthen on Tuesday; it was a lot of driving in very hot weather.

Still, it’s a gorgeous evening and so a drive in car with the roof down and then a long walk on the beach with Mowgli is on the cards. Then dinner and an early night 🙂


Saying goodbye

Been quite an emotive week for me saying goodbye to the families I’ve worked with over the past eighteen months. It beggars belief that funding in Wales to support parents of teenagers has been withdrawn and naturally families are extremely concerned. It’s even more staggering that I’m being redeployed to work with parents of babies when those families are already deluged with support from a myriad of agencies.

I’m really angry; such a short term financial gain for Wales is very short sighted. I also think it’s politicians playing games because Wales announced their cut backs in parenting on the same day that England announced they were going to heavily invest in it. 

For non-UK nationals Wales has a Labour Assembly (Welsh Assembly Government, aka the WAG) and the United Kingdom has a Conservative one. In the long term I have a feeling it’s a decision Wales may sincerely regret.


Journeys End 1995

I’ve finally uploaded the song texts and paintings to my final autobiographical exhibition ‘Journeys End’ here on my website (it’s on it’s own page). The exhibition was held in 1995 after which I didn’t exhibit again; I no longer draw or paint any more for public consumption. At some point I will upload the audio recordings of the songs.