In the Autumn of my years….

Along life’s road I can’t deny I’ve been deeply hurt by people I trusted and like anyone I have regrets. It takes real strength to overcome some of the most painful things in life and more often than not, years. Sadly some things can never be excorsised and so we have to learn to live with some pains and manage them as best we can.

Thankfully in life there is balance and things come along to feed and nurture our souls. When my daughter’s daughter gave birth to her daughter I almost felt reborn. When I hold her and look at her I see a beautiful pure little being who I am so blessed to have in my life, in the autumn of my years. X

Quite a busy day yesterday (and today) on my website; I’ve put a screenshot of the visitors below from yesterday.

If you haven’t visited it yet you’re very welcome to. It’s another strand of my autobiography detailing my time in Gibraltar during the 1970s and my passion for that lovely small nation. So if you love Gibraltar, or would like to know a bit more about her just click the link and come on in. Alan X 🙂

A day out with my daughter. I am a man blessed.

Recently I’ve been writing memoirs and reflections about my life forty years ago and one of the things that occurred to me was how much I missed being a young daddy. As I write my daily blog (see ) I sometimes wonder where the past forty years went but take heart and comfort (in my Autumn years) from the closeness I still have with my children. Today I spent a magical day out with my eldest daughter who very much shares my sense of humour and it’s been totally lovely.

Forty years ago I adored my child……….

Forty years later no change, I still adore my child.

I am a man blessed X 

Scolton Manor Classic Car Rally

Today I had a great day out with my brother in law to the car rally made complete by a poodle loving life on a roller frame because it had a spinal problem. Finished off at a view point called Pwll Deri where a child had set up a stall for Cancer Research Wales. Couldn’t make that up – it was miles from anywhere. But I bought a little gecko. 

Brilliant day. Loved the Triumphs, especially the Spitfires (naturally).

Belated birthday presents from colleagues

After being off sick for a couple of weeks I had a lovely surprise birthday parcel from colleagues when I returned to work which turned out to be a scented garden candle and a thermal mug for when I have coffee in the garden. I hadn’t realized how well they knew me – unless they’ve been having a sneaky look at my website here and realized I love sitting in the garden. They’re such a great bunch they’re welcome here anytime x Thanks guys x