My Grandmother, my sister and my niece 

Found this lovely #blastfromthepast photo of my grandmother Hannah, my sister Kerrie and my niece Mia which I love. It was probably taken in the seventies up in Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear where they lived. Sadly Hannah and Kerrie have passed away now but MIA still lives in Rowlands Gill and we Remain very close X 

(2016 With MIA in Newcastle) 

A rare photo of my parents…

As my rummaging through old photos continues I found this very rare photo of my parents together in the same room; on the back it says it was taken at my sister Kerrie’s wedding although she isn’t in the picture and neither am I as I was abroad with the Royal Navy. As I learn more about my parents past photos like this one become so important for me.

Left to right: My Mother Elsie, Uncle Arthur (who married my Fathers sister Joan), my little sister Brenda, I think my Aunty Jenny (Mothers sister), my Father Charles Henry, my sister Christine and her husband Clem (with his back to the camera). I don’t know who the man standing is.

Another piece of the jigsaw

Regular readers will know I’ve been researching and clawing through my autobiography for years and occasionally come across a little gem which either clarifies something or sends me up an entirely different road.

Durham County Council have been helping me piece together my early years (which I’ve been writing about here on my website) and at some point found my registration card which I had stored away but turned up again as I was packing some papers.

When I read the card again I felt dreadfully sad although not so much for me; I already know what happened to me though I didn’t know the kids home I was in was somehow connected to the North East Workhouse. No, I felt really sad for my birth Mother who, although I rejected her later in life for putting me in care, had been accommodated in Crossley Sanitorium and only she could have known what that experience was like.

As I’m left with my thoughts I am at least thankful to Durham County Council for giving me another piece of my jigsaw.

Images of Geordieland May 2014





These days I often return home to Geordieland a few times a year and I’ve just had my 59th birthday there. Somehow I always find time to wander up the back streets because they bring back childhood memories for me. Although the cobble streets are now all covered in Tarmac and the coalie holes are all bricked up I still get a feeling of home there.
The coastal pictures were taken at Blyth, Northumberland, on quite a windy day but just to see the beach huts made the trip worthwhile. I’m very envious of people who have a beach hut.

Mowgli in Newcastle

My beautiful, gorgeous Mowgli photographed in my daughters house in Geordieland at the weekend. He does need to lose a few pounds because I have indulged him a bit too much lately so we’ve put him on a new diet regime starting today although he doesn’t know it yet. I have some photos of our visit up north which I’ll try and post a bit later on. I’m still quite exhausted from the trip. Hope you’re all having a restful Bank Holiday x