Readers comments on my book #RockHeart.

In the run up to publishing RockHeart, which I’m trying to tie-in with a trip to #Gibraltar I thought it would be nice to collate a few of the many comments I’ve had about my book, most of which have come from Gibraltarians at home and abroad. To all those who have commented, thank you so much, they have meant a great deal to me.

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Memoirs of Gibraltar

Some readers have asked me for the link to my Gibraltar memoirs as the previous one I posted had stopped working for some reason so I’m happy to post it again.

My memoirs are called RockHeart and are currently being edited offline. However if readers would like to read them now they are very welcome to its just that the online version is chronologically in reverse order and so you will need to click the link back to the start (it’s easily done).

When RockHeart has been fully edited it will be being published into book form and all the proceeds will be given to support the Children’s Garden in Alameda, Gibraltar.


Quite a busy day yesterday (and today) on my website; I’ve put a screenshot of the visitors below from yesterday.

If you haven’t visited it yet you’re very welcome to. It’s another strand of my autobiography detailing my time in Gibraltar during the 1970s and my passion for that lovely small nation. So if you love Gibraltar, or would like to know a bit more about her just click the link and come on in. Alan X 🙂

Gibraltar’s Bee Hotel.

Recently on my trip to #Gibraltar I came across this delightful children’s garden complete with a Bee Hotel in Alameda Botanical Gardens. It’s inspired me to do something similar here in UK with the children and parents I work with.

Since coming back from Gibraltar readers will know I’ve opened a new website to record my memoirs of the Rock which can be seen at (There is a link here on my primary website). I hve many hundreds of photos and select a few daily to compliment my blog there which spans the period 1974-2016. 

Mediterranean Steps Challenge, Gibraltar 2016

Forty years ago I lived in Gibraltar while serving in the Royal Navy at HMS Rooke and it’s always been on my Bucket List to return at some point. Finally I’m going back on May 13th which I’m really excited about. But I’m also excited that – as well as getting to know my beautiful old home again – on the 14th May I’m taking part in this event climbing up the Rock for Cancer Relief. They say the record for climbing the steps is 15minutes but recently a young girl with cerebral palsy did it in 2.5 hours. I’ll be happy with any respectable time although speed isn’t my main focus; the views are to die for. Can’t wait.