The child within the adult within the child


As a child I remember the Jungle Book animated movie coming out and absolutely loved it. Years later it was showing at a nearby cinema and I took my three children to see it. One of their strongest memories of childhood was their embarrassment at me laughing out loud at Baloo the bear scratching his back with a tree during the Bear Necessities song – I just couldn’t help myself; even today if the film is mentioned that is the memory they all relay.

My little granddaughter Rhiannon (age 7) went to a car boot market with her parents today and saw this LP vinyl record. She knew the Jungle Book is my favourite ever movie and insisted on haggling with the seller until she bought it as a present for me. I’m thrilled. And even though there’s something very ‘role reversal’ about my granddaughter acknowledging one of my childhood loves I don’t care; in fact it’s quite one of the most touching things I’ve ever experienced.

Quality time with my granddaughter Bluebell

Right now I’m at a loose end waiting to start work and loving having the time to catch up with my little people. We live out in the sticks on the Pembrokeshire Coastal path which is a great place to take the dogs for their evening walks. My dog Mowgli and my granddaughters dog Bear have become good companions and have a daily evening walk with Bluebell and me which gives us time together too which is lovely.

More pix from the Aussie sticks…



So as the changes within my family continue, I’ve spent the day going back and forwards to the dump with rubbish but then come home to a few more pics of my little people Beth and Alf out there in Australia. It’s so nice to see them happy and chilled even though I’m probably on the other side of the coin (up to the neck in it).

If I’m grateful for anything these days it’s technology and that I can almost see what the kids are doing while it’s happening even though they are so far away. I guess while I’m in transit (between houses) I may not have access to wifi so I’m really glad I chose a good phone contract this year.

Anyway, with everything throbbing from the humping and carrying, it’s off to the shower for me; and then dinner with best friends this evening. Yep I can do that 🙂

A new life in Oz for my little people.

My beautiful grandchildren Bethany and Alfie have arrived in Australia to start their new life; Beth texted me as soon as she landed.

Last Saturday when we took the children to Skegness for a last outing they were fascinated to know that I’d been to Australia many years ago; Carol elaborated telling the children I had been all around the world when I spent ten years in the Royal Navy and it sent my mind into reminisce mode.

The photo above is my 19th birthday in 1974 aboard HMS Scylla as we were berthed alongside in Sydney. I was duty that day so the chefs made me a cake and we all had a few beers. I found Australia a wonderful country with a fantastic welcome from people; my fascination with their wildlife (Koala, Kangaroo, Platypus) lives on today.

Today I’m in the UK, but my thoughts and love are in Australia with my little people x x


Life right now is very emotive. Two of my grandchildren are emigrating to Australia tomorrow and as I come to terms with that I’m just starting the last two weeks of my present job before moving to Wales to start a new job on 1st September. The paradox of saying goodbye to colleagues I’ve come to know and hello to others I need to get to know isn’t something I’m particularly looking forward to; as quite a sensitive person I’m going to have to work hard at keeping the lid on it all.

All around my house there’s packing boxes in every room, some taped up and others half full and so I’m feeling strangely transient while trying to lead a normal life. Spiritually I’ve already left one life but not yet started another; it feels like the (Buddhist) state of Bardo, the time between death and reincarnation. Thankfully I have a very strong faith.