Memoirs of Gibraltar

Some readers have asked me for the link to my Gibraltar memoirs as the previous one I posted had stopped working for some reason so I’m happy to post it again.

My memoirs are called RockHeart and are currently being edited offline. However if readers would like to read them now they are very welcome to its just that the online version is chronologically in reverse order and so you will need to click the link back to the start (it’s easily done).

When RockHeart has been fully edited it will be being published into book form and all the proceeds will be given to support the Children’s Garden in Alameda, Gibraltar.


My Grandmother, my sister and my niece 

Found this lovely #blastfromthepast photo of my grandmother Hannah, my sister Kerrie and my niece Mia which I love. It was probably taken in the seventies up in Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear where they lived. Sadly Hannah and Kerrie have passed away now but MIA still lives in Rowlands Gill and we Remain very close X 

(2016 With MIA in Newcastle) 

Gibraltar’s Bee Hotel.

Recently on my trip to #Gibraltar I came across this delightful children’s garden complete with a Bee Hotel in Alameda Botanical Gardens. It’s inspired me to do something similar here in UK with the children and parents I work with.

Since coming back from Gibraltar readers will know I’ve opened a new website to record my memoirs of the Rock which can be seen at (There is a link here on my primary website). I hve many hundreds of photos and select a few daily to compliment my blog there which spans the period 1974-2016. 

Christmas love to Goa

Quality time with my granddaughter Bluebell

Right now I’m at a loose end waiting to start work and loving having the time to catch up with my little people. We live out in the sticks on the Pembrokeshire Coastal path which is a great place to take the dogs for their evening walks. My dog Mowgli and my granddaughters dog Bear have become good companions and have a daily evening walk with Bluebell and me which gives us time together too which is lovely.

Love letters

When I first met M’lady Ms.Grace I was in the Royal Navy and spent a lot of time away from home; In those days (mid seventies) there was no technology and so the most important part of the day was when the mail arrived. Sometimes it was me who collected the bags of mail for the lads and I remember one particular time when I had to take a helicopter ride to get it (not for the faint hearted). I remember the sweat on my brow waiting for the master-at-arms to call out ‘Dixon’ and throw me a letter.

As my packing to move intensifies I came across this treasured collection of love letters which I’ve safely stored away for almost forty years. Come my final retirement no doubt Ms.Grace and me will drum up the courage to have a read of them again over a cup of tea….

Thank you for reading. liking and supporting my website x

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More pix from the Aussie sticks…



So as the changes within my family continue, I’ve spent the day going back and forwards to the dump with rubbish but then come home to a few more pics of my little people Beth and Alf out there in Australia. It’s so nice to see them happy and chilled even though I’m probably on the other side of the coin (up to the neck in it).

If I’m grateful for anything these days it’s technology and that I can almost see what the kids are doing while it’s happening even though they are so far away. I guess while I’m in transit (between houses) I may not have access to wifi so I’m really glad I chose a good phone contract this year.

Anyway, with everything throbbing from the humping and carrying, it’s off to the shower for me; and then dinner with best friends this evening. Yep I can do that 🙂