Breezing into 2019

Finally moved north to geordieland and have been gainfully employed for the past five weeks so beginning to settle a little.

One nice thing I’ve begun doing is editing my old art work which is quite diverse and uploading it to a new twitter account. I figured I needed somewhere to store it all before I could begin new art proper. I’m sure it’s an autistic trait in me that I need to put a full stop before beginning a new sentence.

If you’d like to browse my older artwork please feel free to go to the twitter account. I’m uploading a few bits almost daily. The link is below.

Meanwhile I hope you had a great Christmas and that 2019 is your best year yet. X


If tomorrow is the future, here’s to tomorrow…

Had a lot of change over the past few months some of it very demanding and traumatic. The easy bit has been moving 400 miles to a new house and undergoing four interviews before successfully landing a good job; I won’t waste words on the tough bit.

Now settled I’m finally beginning to get into a good routine and a healthy work/life balance and for the first time in a long time am able to look forward.

Creative activity is my passion and what I enjoy and I’m finally getting to a point when I can revive some of my favourite pastimes again such as art and music. These little drawings are from my back catalogue and I find them really inspiring in getting me motivated again.

If tomorrow is the future, here’s to tomorrow.

My Hero X 

Approaching #rememberanceday is often a time my dad comes into my mind. It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I found out from my Uncle Trevor of his dreadful experiences during the war which had left him with mental health issues on top of his physical injuries. 

Where I had once castigated him for my own situation I later castigated myself for my own naivety. I don’t think a year has gone by since that I haven’t said sorry to him in my own mind and also told him I loved him. If I have a hero of my own its him. #charleshenrymorpeth Love you Dad X

It’s going to be a long four days…

So yesterday I had my Skype interview for Youth Worker in the North East and it was quite an up and downer. Due to technical reasons it was almost an hour late which left me pacing the carpet but at the end they said I had done a good interview and they liked my presentation. When colleagues asked how it had gone I said I thought I had done ok and was quite upbeat and that they would inform the successful candidate later the same day.

As the day wore on and I had not heard anything by 6pm, 7pm then 8pm I began going back through the interview in my head thinking the worst and castigating myself for not saying this or that. When I got to bed I couldn’t sleep and had totally convinced myself I’d shot it.

This morning after having resigned myself to not getting the job I received an email saying that ‘due to unforeseen circumstances the panel were unable to make a decision until Monday’ and so it appears I’m still in with a chance. Surely if it was a ‘no’ they would just have sent me the ‘sorry but unfortunately you have not been successful’ letter? I have a feeling it’s going to be a long four days in front.

Nervous and excited…..

As I prepare to move north to Newcastle I’ve applied for three different jobs and have just heard back from one inviting me to interview. Having driven the 800 mile round trip twice in the past month (looking for a house) with no desire to do it again I asked for a Skype interview and they granted it. They will tell me on Monday when my interview will be but meantime I’m left with a mixture of being nervous and excited. I’m sure there is a word to describe that mixture of feelings but fight now I’ve no idea what that is. On Sunday I will prepare my ten minute presentation and then …… wait.