Some sort if sick joke Daily Express??




Today’s Daily Express has a sealed envelope inside and when you open it this stuff comes out…it looks like a £750 discount on a 15 day, 5 star tour of Turkey – you know, the place th at is on the brink of civil war next door to Syria where refugee camps are on the border.

I think I’ll pass. I don’t think I have it in me to do a five star holiday in a place where thousands of people are at risk and existing in dreadful conditions.


There’s a corner of my garden with a mini weeping willow tree and a wooden bench. After spending my week constantly with other people, answering emails, attending meetings and courses, visiting families and clawing my way through mountains of paperwork….I thought you might like to see my sanctuary. Have a great weekend 🙂

Someone blew my mind today

Today I had an email from a family I have been working with during the past five months thanking me for the work I had done with them. Receiving such a complimentary mail was humbling and very moving. Unfortunately I don’t think it would be right for me to publish it (as much as I would love to) but it is certainly something I will treasure and something that will be in my mind for weeks if not months. Working with the child of the family has been an absolute blessing for me and is someone I will really miss; I’m already feeling the void.

As a species I think we are often quick to criticise others and sadly very sparing with our praise. The way that email has made me feel today makes me want to make others feel the same way. If I have been sparing of praise in the past, I certainly won’t be in the future

Bodie. 1982 to 2000 x

It’s 14 years ago today since we lost our first little dog Bodie who we had for 18 years. I swore blind after losing him I would never have another dog because it was such a massive loss. In fact it was 8 years later (almost to the day) while living in India that little Mowgli crawled out of the jungle and chose us – and his life has been well documented.

But today is a Rememberance Day for a little companion who I still miss but am happy to have the memories x (Bodie) x

Retro is so cool

Sometimes I don’t always want non stop access to Twitter, Utube, Facebook, EBay, WordPress, Emails and Tom Cobleigh and his dog; I’m happy enough just being in touch with those closest to me.

I bought this little diamond when I moved to India in 2007 because I loved the way the sides flashed blue when I got a text and how easily my hand wrapped around it. For the past year or so I had loaned it to my close friend Francis who, to my delight, returned it to me this weekend and I quickly moved back in. I’m told these phones are no longer available to buy very easily and with less being more these days they have begun achieving cult status.

Like most people I do have an all-singing all-dancing phone on a contract and said contract is due for renewal soon; whether I renew it or not though is another question. But if phone companies are reading this they’ll do well to consider how cool past designs were before they all went mad sticking every conceivable app into a handset. If more people begin realising how much more relaxing life is when they are not constantly battered throughout the day by trivia that they feel the need to check out on the spot it may well be the beginning of the end for the all-singing all-dancing gadgets of the day.

Secret Santa

For those who haven’t come across the Secret Santa game it’s something workmates do in the festive season. Everyone agrees a price, draws a name out of the hat and buys that person a small present. Our budget was £5 and I duly went off and bought my workmates a present. When I opened my present I was delighted to find this home made cake – what a wonderful thoughtful present for a sweet toothed dude like me who loves his food. I hope the person I bought a present for is as happy a bunny as me. Cool Yule x