Even turtles need love

even turtles need loveI think I’ve done all I wanted to with this now so I’ll just wait for it to dry and then give it a spray of varnish. I hope my friend likes it. Since the sun has now come out I feel a spell in the garden coming on. Hope you all have as nice a day as I’m anticipating, and don’t forget…even turtles need love x


Slowly does it….

The most special thing about art for me is starting with nothing, a blank canvas, and finishing up with something I’ve created especially when the recipient likes the result. These photos show my progress of an acrylic version of my picture ‘Even turtles need love’ which I’ve been working on for the past two days and although it’s not fully finished I thought I’d share the journey with you. If you’d like to see the original it’s on my website in the ART category. The painting is needed for a friends birthday on 1st June so it needs to be finished this weekend – just hope he likes it 😮




Hoping the sun shines down upon you today

I’ve recently been commissioned to paint six pictures for the bedrooms in the children’s home where I work and decided to connect them to children’s songs. This picture is detail from ‘In the jungle, the peaceful jungle…’ which if you look on my Zen Diary page you can see how the painting is progressing.

I’ve uploaded this photo because as I was painting it today it gave me quite a lift from the lows I’ve been experiencing lately and I just thought it might brighten other people’s day.

For the artists in our community I’m working with primary acrylics on canvas for the whole collection and really enjoying the tribal feel which is coming through. When the collection is finished, hopefully before Christmas I’ll upload them onto my Painter page.

Meanwhile I hope you all have at least a little bit of sunshine in your day, even if it’s just mine.