Happy Chinese New Year

According to the Chinese I was born in the year of the goat but this is the year of the horse. To all chinese friends and followers here’s wishing you a brilliant year ahead of peace, wealth and happiness. To all non Chinese followers go have a look to see if you’re a horse and if not…what are you? HaPpY ChInEsE nEw YeAr! X

Slowly getting back to smiling again

After weeks of stress with revision, my Mowgli being poorly, looming redeployment and dentists it’s nice that today I feel a little more upbeat and inclined to smile.

I’ve always been fond of Chinese proverbs, in fact there are times – having spent a long time in the Far East – that I’m convinced I am an oriental Geordie because I love reading about the east, their history and learning about their cultures. So here is a quick hello to any far eastern friends who call in to my website.

Meanwhile I thought I would share this little gem with you which I’ve obviously pinched from somewhere but can’t remember where; have a lovely day x x


So upset seeing pictures on the news of the elephant family that was massacred for their tusks. I don’t want to put pictures of that on here because I found them so distressing to look at.
Elephants are one of the most beautiful, gentle creatures and poachers in Kenya are killing them at a brake neck rate just to sell the ivory to china.

If YOU are from either Kenya or China I hope you are in a position to voice your disgust at this awful practice and do so. To China I would say that in this technological world we live in I am certain there are alternative medicines for whatever your ailments are; unless of course your condition is one-up-manship and you are out to impress. If the latter is the case you don’t impress me, you’re just sick and cruel – and there’s nothing big or impressive about that.