New page added today! Dixys Diner, culinary creations from a non-cook

Recently my wife broke her leg, quite badly, and has had her whole leg plastered for the next three months. As a result I naturally have stepped up to the plate as Chief Auxilliary which is a posh name for doing the necessaries. One of those necessaries is to cook the meals which sounds easy enough to most people but for a non-chef like me that’s a pretty daunting task. So for the next three months I’ve decided to record my efforts photographically and have opened a new page specially. My first meal, Pesto Chicken, is posted today. If you want to check in daily to see the culinary creations of a non-chef you’re very welcome. Just click on the page X Alan 


Cooking with the little people

It’s been a really busy week this week especially with it being half term. Over two days I’ve had two groups with a total of I think 26 children under-4 and 16 parents. Activities have included biscuit making, sing-alongs, making fruit kebabs and smoothies and painting and drawing.

Naturally there was loads of mess (which I love to see because at home it’s not that easy to be as chilled) but in fairness the children have loved the activities. The parents too had a fabulous time and the magical thing has been seeing them to do things together. Sorry I can’t put pictures of the children online but trust me they had a ball 🙂

I’m quite tired now and hoping for a really early night tonight; what has probably contributed to that was my trips out to Llanelli and Carmarthen on Tuesday; it was a lot of driving in very hot weather.

Still, it’s a gorgeous evening and so a drive in car with the roof down and then a long walk on the beach with Mowgli is on the cards. Then dinner and an early night 🙂


How to cook a turkey

So with Christmas around the corner I imagine people are beginning to plan their day, particularly the ladies of our world who very often get saddled with the very rare job of having to cook a great big bird and look as though they’re an expert at the task; notwithstanding the gentlemen who often do the decent thing and wash up afterwards.

Anyway, since I believe Christmas should be fun as well as spiritual, I came across this recipe and thought it might begin the fun part of the process – I’m sure I’ll get a little more spiritual as we get nearer to the big day.

Happy planning for your big day x