Dads and daughters

Happy Fathers Day to Dads all over the world. My love and thoughts to my own Dad Charles Henry Morpeth who although is not with me anymore is still very much part of me x x

And as a Father of daughters for over forty years I say to you all it has been a privilege and still is that you have shown me love and respect and continue to do so; its among my greatest blessings, thank you x
We’ve all shared each others ups and downs over the years, we still do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You truly bless my days x x Daddy x x


Unsung Heroes

idadHere’s hoping that Dads everywhere had a little acknowledgement from their children yesterday on Father’s Day. I know I spent the day thinking about my Father and some of the complexities around our relationship. I also took time out to think about my own daughters and their relationship with me. As a younger father with no role model I had great difficulty taking on the responsibilities of the role and have often openly admitted to my children that I wasn’t the best daddy at times. In those days I had a poorly paid job and so had to work as a freelance artist to supplement the income which invariably left little time to spend with my children; I also had a dreadful drink problem which years later through therapy I learned was connected to issues of my own childhood. It’s a big relief to me to know that my children now have something of an understanding of where I was at during their earlier years.

To daddy’s all around the world – notwithstanding the billions of fantastic Mums too – who because of the pressures on them don’t have as much quality time with their children as they would like, I salute you. Sometimes when I see young parents struggling to cope with the daily grind of life the role of ‘Unsung Heroes’ springs to mind but take heart; anyone who has been a parent understands and has infinite respect for you.




I am so proud to be your son and so proud you are my Father

I only met you once and hated you for years. It has taken me most of my lifetime to find out who you really were and it was time so very well spend. Indoctrinated as a child with wrong information was probably the singular most cruel thing that ever happened to me and to you. As a man now who has grown with wisdom (sadly outliving you) I am sorry for ever doubting you. Although I write a public blog I don’t trust easily and have a very tight inner circle but you are well inside it. I am so proud to be your son and so proud you are my Father.