I #write I #draw and I #paint. And sometimes I play my #guitar.


Live performance of The Boxer with an old friend for a very special old friend.

Just a lovely memory of a very treasured evening at my friend Chand’s home. A group of us would often have ‘home parties’ with the guitars at each other’s houses and this recording was at Chand’s where (while he cooked one of his amazing master class meals for us all) I performed Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘The Boxer’ at his request. Chand can be seen briefly part way through the video in the background.


Happy Old Year

It was really nice to have quite a lot of the herd over for Christmas including number three daughter, her husband and four children, two nieces, two great nieces and one great-great-niece in the form of Demi pictured here with me who was a little poppet throughout. Sang a few tunes with the guitar for folks including #BobDylan ‘Make You Feel My Love’ that got a round of applause!!! Not bad when an #oldfart can drag a clap out of his family still 🙂 Happy Old Year Everyone X Alan X 

Bring on the little people

You have to be a guitar player to understand that you can never have too many guitars and that your collection must include a little ‘f-hole’ acoustic for it to be a collection. 

My new little man (pictured) – a Hall-Mark – arrived today and the first thing I did was remove the old tuning pegs which were bent, rusty and had a few cogs missing. I bought the guitar on eBay for £49 ($78US) and can’t wait to fit new pegs and new strings. 

Sometimes my job involves supporting children’s crèches and ‘language-and-play’ sessions at which I often do sing songs with the children. One of the reasons guitar players have lots of guitars is that they all do a different job; my recently repaired Takamine for example would be my first choice for an Irish night down the pub. No doubt at all what job my new little man will be doing. Bring on the little people.


Something beautifully similar between my guitar and me

Over the past few days my son in law Dan took my beloved damaged Takamine guitar to bits to repair it and this evening he brought it back mended and I’m thrilled. The wooden bar where the strings are secured had literally lifted off the main body due to heat damage from being kept in the loft. Other than a scuff mark you wouldn’t know it had been damaged but you know what – I love that scuff mark. My guitar has had a few knocks through the course of its life but then it still cuts the mustard. A bit like me. Love it.