HMS SCYLLA 1972-1975

Just reflecting back on my Navy days although not sure why. HMS Scylla was one of several warships I served on during my ten year stint and she took me all over the world including a couple of war zones. At the end of her days they sunk her off the south coast of England to become a living reef for sealife which really pleased me. Fundamentally she was a major part of my life and still is in my memory; it’s great to go online from time to time and do the virtual tour to look around her. The next chapter of my autobiography will be about my life in the Royal Navy and I hope to begin publishing that this year.

May the Fourth be with you

I thought I’d get the old joke in first this year before someone else blessed me with it. It’s quite funny having a funny birth date 🙂 Thanks for your good wishes, I’m 58 today going on 8, and no I have no intention of growing up. This picture is a favourite of mine; it was my 19 birthday and taken on HMS Scylla in Sydney, Australia in 1974. Whoever you are, wherever you are “May the fourth be with you” x Alan