Time with my family…

IMG_20140727_142520 IMG_20140727_143825 IMG_20140727_121306 IMG_20140727_143704

My lovely daughter Benita and her hubby Dan are with us for the weekend (up from Wales) with the kids as they travel north to go camping for a couple of weeks in the Whitby area. The nicest thing about our impending move to Wales is that we will get to see them all on a more regular basis.

England my England

I love traveling and going away; readers will know I’ve just been down to Wales for a few days. But it’s always really nice to get home again too. I took this shot on the lane just outside of my house and it’s a view I never get tired of. The greens, blues and whites of the English countryside are something I always find homely and relaxing and having cows in the field are a bonus. Whenever I fly into the UK from abroad I love to see the greens of the fields and the country lanes. Just thought I’d share the view 🙂

No place like Om

Hi everyone
Just got home from wales after a six hour sweaty drive. I don’t know who is more tired me or Mowgli who has just drank a bowl of water, eaten a chicken dinner and is now snoring as I type.

To the garage attendant in the little welsh village (in the backside of nowhere) where I stopped for fuel who said “I saw you play in the Old Kings Arms in Newark” THANKYOU for remembering me, it made my day!

I guess I now have to play the waiting game with regard to knowing whether I got the job I went for; it seems decisions will be made after 13 June and so I may hear between 13-21 June. Need to put it out of my mind for now otherwise I’d go crazy.

It’s a blessing that tomorrow is a Bank Holiday and so I can have a day loafing around the garden; I’m looking forward to that. Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday too.

Before I forget thank you all again for visiting my website. WordPress tell me my Stats are ‘booming’ so I must be writing something you all like reading x Looking at those stats Ive had over 18500 hits – wonder if I can get 20000 before I retire? Whether I do or I don’t Bless you all for supporting me x x Alan 🙂

Having a ‘down’ day? No. I don’t think so.

mothers day

Life has had it’s ups and downs. When I have down days one of my strategies is to count my blessings and one of my most cherished blessings is my family. This picture shows just a few of my Motley Crew and just looking at a picture like this lifts my mood and gives me the strength to face anything. Although I woke up feeling quite low today I’m feeling better already.