Old friends

brian alan saltwell

Really nice to meet up with my old friend and reader Brian Pears in Saltwell Park, Gateshead, while I was in the North East. As always we put the world to rights, in particular the education system and social care while we had a cup of tea. Newcastle truly does have talent! And what Brian doesn’t carry in that shoulder bag of his really isn’t worth carrying!

Naturally while in the North East we also caught up with my family Tracey, Bubbles, Mia, Elisha and Eden; great to see everyone x x CU all again real soon x x

After tea in the garden

The evenings are now lovely and long because we are into British summer time and it’s a real treat to spend time in the garden after tea, especially when I’m not at work tomorrow. I’ve just snapped this pik of my beloved Mowgli in the garden and I love it so wanted to share it.

Mowgli in Newcastle

My beautiful, gorgeous Mowgli photographed in my daughters house in Geordieland at the weekend. He does need to lose a few pounds because I have indulged him a bit too much lately so we’ve put him on a new diet regime starting today although he doesn’t know it yet. I have some photos of our visit up north which I’ll try and post a bit later on. I’m still quite exhausted from the trip. Hope you’re all having a restful Bank Holiday x

Mowgli doesn’t like tractors…or aeroplanes…

Whenever Mowgli is in the car and we overtake a tractor he pounds at the window; today when he did that it exploded into the car. It isn’t the first time he’s done it, or the second. It’s the third. I think it goes back to when a tractor pulled a trolley which had him in a cage at the airport in India when we flew him to UK. Oddly, he barks and jumps up at airplanes too.

After checking all the scrapyards (to no avail) I’ve finally ordered a replacement from a company in Stockton on Tees but it won’t be here till Tuesday. So as I wonder how I’m going to get to work on Monday and grunt under my breathe about a £60 bill I’ll take my leave and go sweep the glass out of the car. Mowgli? Oh he’s snoozing on the couch and dreaming – probably about chasing tractors and aeroplanes.


My beautiful friend is under the weather….

My beautiful friend is under the weather....

My beautiful little man has been quite poorly for a few days with an ear infection which has naturally stopped my life; but he’s been to the vet today and been treated so fingers crossed by tomorrow he will feel a bit better. Mowgli’s story is here on my website (Beautiful Soul) if you would like to know more about him. Meanwhile once he is better, my life can start again.