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My Art is on Twitter @AlanDDixon (Spailpinfanac)

With retirement looming it’s been really nice to have quite a lot of interest in my artwork (from around the world); having been a freelance artist for about 35 years I’ve always known I would never starve as long as I can use a pencil. Although I’m hoping (at some point) to upload all of my artwork here on my website much of my new art (for now) goes directly onto my Twitter account because of the ‘Arty’ connections on there. If you’re one of my Arty-type readers and want to see  new art as it happens please feel free to join me on Twitter @AlanDDixon (or just type in Spailpinfanac into the Twitter browser). Meanwhile here’s a few pix to brighten your day xcollage1 collage2 collage3

100 tales of survival…

JL96Finally I’ve managed to upload the first 100 of my cartoon strips. The stories give a gentle, humorous insight into the quest of a homeless character (J.L.), and his friends, and their daily quest for survival. I created the strip in 1983 and there are still many more from that period to upload yet which I’ll add to the page in due course.

Currently I’m working on a new series set in the present day with life as it is now which hopefully will bring the little guy a new generation of fans,

If you’d like to see this collection please click the link


or visit page 21 here on my website.

We all have dreams, aspirations…


2009 Entertaining the children of Kiran Niketan Primary School, Goa, India

2009 Entertaining the children of Kiran Niketan Primary School, Goa, India

With children of Kiran Niketan

With children of Kiran Niketan

A Beam of Light Hanging Out

A Beam of Light Hanging Out

Last year I threw a mini music festival in my back garden in support of my Indian charity ‘Xanders Children’s Fund’ which turned out to be very successful, and so I’m mooting the idea again this year. Our school Kiran Niketan offers education to 250 disadvantaged children from immigrant families who move to Goa from other Indian states to find work. Some of the work we’ve done includes redecorating the buildings, providing class photographs and sending over four UK teachers for a voluntary spell. Currently we are striving to build a wall around the playground after which we are erecting a play garden with swings, slide and roundabout. Our main aim, it would be fair to say, is to enrich the quality of life for disadvantaged children because they too have the same dreams and aspirations as those more fortunate.

Our previous festival saw about six acts performing, all of whom gave their time and amazing skills freely. If it appears viable to repeat the gig I’ll keep folks posted here on my website and as always upload photos for people to see. I think I now have a handle on video production/uploading so I may be able to include a wider audience ‘virtually’. We’ll see – watch this space.