Images of Geordieland May 2014





These days I often return home to Geordieland a few times a year and I’ve just had my 59th birthday there. Somehow I always find time to wander up the back streets because they bring back childhood memories for me. Although the cobble streets are now all covered in Tarmac and the coalie holes are all bricked up I still get a feeling of home there.
The coastal pictures were taken at Blyth, Northumberland, on quite a windy day but just to see the beach huts made the trip worthwhile. I’m very envious of people who have a beach hut.

You can take the Boy out of Geordieland but not Geordie out of the Boy

Just back from my whirlwind trip to my homeland full of all sorts of emotions. I think pride in my roots is probably the most overpowering thing I feel. I absolutely love Northumberland and its beauty; I even love the bleakness of my village Stonehaugh.

To Parker (who now lives in my childhood home) I did knock on the door to say hello but sadly you weren’t home. But I did check out your new social club which must be a real plus for the little community. Had I come on a Sunday I would certainly have taken advantage of the breakfast on sale at £5 but it wasn’t to be.

I’m uploading more photos on my page ‘2012 Geordieland’ but it may take me a while. Those who are interested may have to check back from time to time; I took time out at Hadrian’s wall and the Angel of the North. Hope it’s not as long before I return x x


My childhood home is the third chimney from the left.

Geordieland my homeland

Just back from my whirlwind trip to Geordieland and I’m totally exhausted. I went home to take my sisters ashes to our village of Stonehaugh, Northumberland and spend some rare and special time with my beloved family. I’ll make a new page tomorrow with my photos (Geordieland 2012) and upload my photos but for now goodnight everyone x alan x