Major Oak. Robin Hood’s tree…


Some months ago I photographed the amazing Major Oak (Robin Hoods tree) and it was in a sorry stat as because of winter it had no leaves on. Here she is now looking lovely in the summer albeit held up by chains and scaffold. This pik is for my reader Milty in the USA to show her this beautiful old oak as it is in her prime.

Childhood memories of a beautiful old tree

I recently took some children for a walk around Nottinghamshire’s Major Oak which is renowned as the legendary Robin Hood’s hiding place. The old tree is now held up by scaffolding but is revered by locals and people come from all over the world to see her. As a child I played inside the old tree and marvelled that the great Robin Hood had had has his feet on the very ground on which I was standing.
Today the Major Oak is protected by the local authority and visitors are only permitted to stand about twenty yards from it at the ropes but even as a visitor I still marvel at her magnificence.