How to cook a turkey

So with Christmas around the corner I imagine people are beginning to plan their day, particularly the ladies of our world who very often get saddled with the very rare job of having to cook a great big bird and look as though they’re an expert at the task; notwithstanding the gentlemen who often do the decent thing and wash up afterwards.

Anyway, since I believe Christmas should be fun as well as spiritual, I came across this recipe and thought it might begin the fun part of the process – I’m sure I’ll get a little more spiritual as we get nearer to the big day.

Happy planning for your big day x

Tanned hands in the English rain

It isn’t until you come home from a warm country and you look back at your photographs that you really appreciate a nice climate. Although I’m still exhausted from the extended trip home (due to industrial action by French air traffic control personnel) my memories of Turkey are still in the forefront of my mind. It’s quite surreal ¬†looking at my tanned hands in the English rain, almost dreamlike. It’s nice to be home with my Mowgli and a familiar culture but I’m glad I went. And I hope the present unrest in that lovely part of the world eases soon and the people can return to their peaceful lives.

I’ve uploaded an album of our holiday on a separate page if you’d like to see more photographs (2013 TURKEY). Meanwhile it’s back to a ‘normal’ life I guess…well….for now x
In Turkey 2013

Cruising the Turkish Islands


Today has been fabulous cruising around the Turkish Islands and stopping off four times to plunge into the cool mediterranean sea. I’ll put a more thorough update on my diary page later and upload photos when I get home. Tomorrow is our last day so we’ll get the morning on the beach and then do the needful to fly at 8:35pm Turkish time. Its quite late by the time we get home on wednesday night (11pm I think) so unfortunately I wont be able to collect Mowgli till Thursday morning – but that will be the first thing I do x

My secret weapon


The heat on the beach today has been Sahara, at times I’ve felt my insides cooking. Needless to say it was time to bring out my secret weapon. I’ve always loved wide brimmed hats and I spotted this one in Birmingham airport before we left. Carol tells me all I need are the corks to morph into Crocodile Dundee and one of the hotel waiters has taken to calling me Indiana Jones but hey – I’m lovin’ it!

My sunbed office


My office this week is my sunbed and the only things in my in-tray are my travel radio with turkish music, a sudoko book and an old ex-library hard back I bought in Wales for 50p – Mahatma Gandhi, An Interpretation by Stanley Jones. My busy schedule is periodically punctuated by either a dip in the med or an iced lemon tea at one of the sea front bars; all told its a hectic life but only short lived and so I guess I can manage another few days. Might need an operation to get this sunbed off me back before I fly home though.

My beach hound Doggobert


Most places you go on holiday in the east there are a few beach dogs which (if they like you and feel safe) spend the day under your beach bed. Here’s mine. He’s a lovely dude and I’m happy to have him because I miss my Mowgli. In India Mowgli used to shade under my beach bed. Doggobert here has no tail but hes a lovely gentle soul and plays well with the other beach dogs especially befire the sun is up. The Brits are renown doggie lovers and I guess they can sniff out the Brits a mile off. Im glad they can.

Pineapple smoothie


My all time favourite fruit, though pomegranites come a close second, is pineapple. I used to visit the plantations in India where they grew. I remember ordering a fresh pinapple juice there once and it took an hour to come but when it did I thought I’d gone to Heaven. Here in this little Turkish village an English lassie is making smoothies and to my delight knocked me up a pineapple number. It was just as the beach had become baking hot and we had come up for a break. Halcyon days!

Goodbye England


Grabbed a plate of fish and chips at Birmingham airport just before I boarded my plane for Turkey. Its one of my customs before leaving UK. We arrived about 10pm at our hotel in Didum after a taxi ride from Bodrum. Lovely little village with nice people and great food. Best of all is the sunshine. So therapeutic. Any blogs this week are from my phone so sorry if they appear differently or my spelling is iffy… I have a big thumb x

Hello Turkey

Hello Turkey. Looking at my statistics I see I have 5 readers from Turkey and I’m flying in tomorrow. If any of you live in the Bodrum area and fancy a cup of apple tea just let me know.

If I get the chance to do a diary update in the week I will but I can’t promise because I don’t know if I will have Internet.

Have a good week everyone. I’ll be back on the 12th hopefully with some nice photos to show you all. Take care, God bless. Love Alan.


My Girls

My Girls

I found this old photo of my family taken about 1989 when we were all on holiday in Turkey that I thought I would share. left to right: Tracey, Carol, Benita and Samantha.

Clearly the big hair was fashionable then probably inspired by TV shows like Dallas.