A wonderful woman remembered 

It’s 42 years since my auld Mam Katie passed away and she’s still with me, in heart and my memory. This wonderful woman took an abused boy (aged 7) out of the kids homes where he had been put as a baby and somehow repaired the damage for him to become the man he is today. 

Thank you so much Mam X Love Alan X 



She knows what she wants, she has every right
She’s human y’know, she’s black she is white

She’s fat she is thin, she’s fun she’s a bore
She’s pretty, she’s chapel, she’s a down and out whore

She is rich she is poor, she is young she is old
She’s mouthy she’s placid, she’s warm she is cold

She’s graceful she’s clumsy, she’s quiet she’s loud
She’s a bitch she’s a saint, she’s a lady she’s proud

Dignity’s hers for that she will fight
Whatever she is she has every right