04. 1978. #ARTIST


Throughout my Navy years I often illustrated letters for comrades to send home and I guess my skills were honed then. In 1978 I entered a national art competition and took First prize after which I was fortunate enough to become very much in demand; I suppose you could say my vocation as an artist began in 1978.  A lot of my work was commissioned by the press, businesses and  local authorities and spanned very wide ranging themes which is probably why I have become so diverse.  Today I’m still very much an active artist although very discerning in what I do now. When I move to Pembrokeshire in August 2014 I will be setting up my studio again and look forward to painting new acrylic canvasses.



Been away awhile

Indian Think

Beautiful Soul


Le Fiddler




Just a boy from Stonehaugh

Detail from ‘Early Days’ (Children’s Home 1956 – 1962)


With my wife Carol, Newark 1995

Young Women

My lovely daughters Tracey, Sam and Benita

Ms Grace

My wife Carol, Ms Grace

Emotional Warrior

1973 The Cod War, Iceland, aboard HMS Scylla

Journeys End 1995

Journeys End 1995

‘Journey’s End’ was the third in a trilogy of one-man art exhibitions the first being ‘Private Journey’ and the second being ‘Journeyman’. The exhibitions were encouraged by my therapist during a six year period self analysis and were shown at Mansfield Art Gallery and County Hall, Nottingham. The Mansfield shows were opened by Alan Meale MP and the Nottingham shows were opened by David White, Director of social Services, both of whom became fans of my work and firm friends.

Road to Heaven



My favourite colour

Don’t paint what I see, I paint what I feel.

Thumbnails from my gallery giving an  overview of life


As an adult prior to therapy and faith

No Mans Land

Foster care 1962 – 1971 showing Billy, Katy and me in Newcastle on Tyne

Unconditional Love

The beginning of the healing process began in 1992 with the arrival of my grand daughter Bubbles

Palm Painter

Continued self analysis in India from 1997 and later in depth 2007 – 2009

Care in the Community – A load of old Cobblers!

 Disillusionment at new legislation which left me (and colleagues) picking up the pieces of trashed lives


Getting to grips with Buddhism; meditation and prayer became easier for me than yoga



Developing inner strength through love and faith

Beautiful Soul

 Compassion for the vulnerable and dependent brings me nothing but absolute joy

Hyson Green

 Compared to some I’ve had the easiest, most privileged life. 

Domino Strategy

 1974 The Pit Strike

Geordie Girl

Why Worry?

India was a sabbatical, a cathartic time and very healing

Early Days

We lined up on Fridays and smiled at them all (the Foster Parents visiting the Children’s Home)

Please don’t underestimate me

It doesn’t matter to me whether people like me any more, I can take that now

Thanks for checking out my art. If you’d like to see more paintings and drawings please click on the ‘art gallery’ link πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “04. 1978. #ARTIST

  1. Another dream of yours came true you and your wife raised beautiful daughters who are healthy and know they are well loved. They didn’t have your childhood. Look at the photos of you and your gtandchildren and see the joy in all your faces. There’s another of your dreams. Not only are you fulfilling their dreams in doing you filled your dreams. Wish you love.


    • So very true Sara Jane. There’s no substitute for a close knit family. And I think being around kids keeps you young…I’m certainly more of a big kid than I ever was a small one….often to their delight πŸ™‚ x

  2. You are such a talented person. Congratulations on your commission for the children. Did you know that if you show a child a picture of 100 stars all shining with the same intensity a child will point one out that shines brighter then the rest? No child will pick the same star either. Hopefully all children will grow up wishing on stars and see themselves as that star that shines brighter than the rest. You my friend have become the star you wished upon. Congratulations and best of love with your art.


    • Ha thanku Sara.
      No I hadn’t heard the story about the stars but it’s a wonderful thought for children. It sounds like a really nice theme for one of my children’s paintings too.

      As a child things were very different in my day, as no doubt they were in yours too. My best friend was a pencil and has remained so all my life. If I have been at all blessed it is in having been given the skills to enrich the lives of today’s little people and support their development. I guess as a kid the only thing I wished for was for other kids not to have my childhood and so you could say my dream came true to a degree. We can’t change the world and make everything right; but we can do our bit and put a smile on a few little faces.

      Jai Ho x Alan πŸ™‚

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