Memoirs of Gibraltar

Some readers have asked me for the link to my Gibraltar memoirs as the previous one I posted had stopped working for some reason so I’m happy to post it again.

My memoirs are called RockHeart and are currently being edited offline. However if readers would like to read them now they are very welcome to its just that the online version is chronologically in reverse order and so you will need to click the link back to the start (it’s easily done).

When RockHeart has been fully edited it will be being published into book form and all the proceeds will be given to support the Children’s Garden in Alameda, Gibraltar.


Quite a busy day yesterday (and today) on my website; I’ve put a screenshot of the visitors below from yesterday.

If you haven’t visited it yet you’re very welcome to. It’s another strand of my autobiography detailing my time in Gibraltar during the 1970s and my passion for that lovely small nation. So if you love Gibraltar, or would like to know a bit more about her just click the link and come on in. Alan X 🙂

They disgusted the world with their failure to break it

It was a night of cowardice when a few cowards slaughtered over 100 innocent unarmed civilians and then made sure they themselves didn’t survive to face justice. They disgusted the world but if there is any consolation they have at least left it and wherever they have gone to it certainly isn’t heaven. 

My thoughts are with the victims and their families at this dreadful time; I hope they can at least take solace from the massive love vibes coming into Paris from all corners of the world – including my little corner of cyberspace. #GodBlessYouParis x #VivaLaFrance x 

Gibraltar, my Gibraltar, always in my heart


Here’s a special pik. Just had a virtual trip (thank you Google Maps) around Gibraltar where we used to live 1977/78 when I was in the Royal Navy and where Benita was born and where Tracey went to school. We lived with our three daughters at 21 Edinburgh House on Queensway (when I served HMS Rooke) and this photo shows the entrance to our home. It hasn’t changed one iota and I have nothing but lovely memories of our beautiful outpost. 
My virtual tour took me around my favourite haunts including Alameda Gardens, Caleta Palace, the Piazza, Irish Town, Montague Bay, Rosia Bay, Eastern Beach, St Michaels Cabin and of course the rock apes area. 

A really lovely blast from the past for me 🙂

I wear my poppy to show my gratitude

I can’t imagine the horrors that my father and his colleagues witnessed in the war as servicemen. But what I can do is have the grace to remember that any freedoms I enjoy in life are as a direct result of their sacrifice. I love you Dad. Thank you to you and all servicemen past and present for protecting our country and our way of life. You truly are heroes. 

Rugby World Cup Final 2015

What a World Cup Rugby Final, I’m drained after watching the best game ever between the Australian Wallabies and the New Zealand All Blacks  and it was all the sweeter for me because I was rooting for the #allblacks – they’re absolute legends. Really well done too to the Wallabies who really fought back in the second half but (sorry Aus) I’m so glad NZ won. I’m fortunate enough to have visited both countries both of which were beautiful with lovely people and so I wasn’t surprised at how both teams complemented each other at the end. Proper Gents! Oh and Nick Owen being the referee (from my current homeland Wales) was an added bonus. 

Cameron you’ve spent years telling people to do the right thing. Time YOU did. Now!

There’s an exodus going on with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their homes because they are at risk of being murdered – or even worse being left alive living a nightmare at the hands of evil bast*rds doing unspeakable things while the world looks on and Britain does sod all.

It doesn’t matter if they are Syrian, Iraqi, Lybian…they are people just like the rest of us. Human beings just like the rest of us. They are fathers, mothers, grandparents and children with a status in society just like the rest of us. The idea that they want to permanently leave their homes, their country and everything they know to settle in UK is ludicrous; they want to be kept safe and keep their dignity until they can return home. They don’t just want it, they need it and they need it now.

Cameron your apathy is shameful and disgusting. Get off your hypocritical political backside and do the right thing.