My Grandmother, my sister and my niece 

Found this lovely #blastfromthepast photo of my grandmother Hannah, my sister Kerrie and my niece Mia which I love. It was probably taken in the seventies up in Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear where they lived. Sadly Hannah and Kerrie have passed away now but MIA still lives in Rowlands Gill and we Remain very close X 

(2016 With MIA in Newcastle) 

A day out with my daughter. I am a man blessed.

Recently I’ve been writing memoirs and reflections about my life forty years ago and one of the things that occurred to me was how much I missed being a young daddy. As I write my daily blog (see ) I sometimes wonder where the past forty years went but take heart and comfort (in my Autumn years) from the closeness I still have with my children. Today I spent a magical day out with my eldest daughter who very much shares my sense of humour and it’s been totally lovely.

Forty years ago I adored my child……….

Forty years later no change, I still adore my child.

I am a man blessed X 

Gibraltar’s Bee Hotel.

Recently on my trip to #Gibraltar I came across this delightful children’s garden complete with a Bee Hotel in Alameda Botanical Gardens. It’s inspired me to do something similar here in UK with the children and parents I work with.

Since coming back from Gibraltar readers will know I’ve opened a new website to record my memoirs of the Rock which can be seen at (There is a link here on my primary website). I hve many hundreds of photos and select a few daily to compliment my blog there which spans the period 1974-2016. 

Saying goodbye

Been quite an emotive week for me saying goodbye to the families I’ve worked with over the past eighteen months. It beggars belief that funding in Wales to support parents of teenagers has been withdrawn and naturally families are extremely concerned. It’s even more staggering that I’m being redeployed to work with parents of babies when those families are already deluged with support from a myriad of agencies.

I’m really angry; such a short term financial gain for Wales is very short sighted. I also think it’s politicians playing games because Wales announced their cut backs in parenting on the same day that England announced they were going to heavily invest in it. 

For non-UK nationals Wales has a Labour Assembly (Welsh Assembly Government, aka the WAG) and the United Kingdom has a Conservative one. In the long term I have a feeling it’s a decision Wales may sincerely regret.